Finale | Chapter Four


Goooch commented 3 years ago

«A delightful photo set, taken from the film, correct? My personal highlights, some thoughts and then a few model recommendations/wish lists:

- 33559 – Looking us in our eyes as she slides down her panties. Always look forward to and appreciate eye contact, deepens the immersion and is very arousing.

- 33560 – Amazing spread shot, this is simply mouthwatering I love the look of her asshole, sorry to be crass, but it is simply sublime. I love these sorts of nice, tight spread shots.

- 33564 – Another nice spread shot, this time after she has rimmed her some, and we can see the wetness of her efforts on her puckered asshole. Glorious!

- 33585 – A nice shot of them both near each other’s faces, turned to look at us, in our eyes. Always appreciate this.

- 33591 – She’s got the strap-on in her ass and they both turn to look at us again, giving us their gorgeous eyes. (And she’s got her hand around her partners neck, very hot!)

- 33596 – Another lovely shot of their eyes.

Things I’d love to see differently?

Only eight photos of the strap work, all in a row, out of a 53 photographs picture set – just a touch over 15%. I’d enjoy more shots (or more in the video at that) of the strap-work, the insertion and it’s thrusting in and out. Overall I suspect the reason we didn’t get that in terms of the photographs is there just wasn’t the opportunity to include that many as there was a.) little amounts of actual strap work/movement in the video itself [I just checked, there’s several minutes but the overwhelming majority of it was from the side, the one’s leg obscuring everything, very light to no movement after the initial bit after insertion] and b.) overall a small picture set (due to the short length of the video). To be up front and honest I’d love to see longer picture sets and longer videos. The video for this picture set was a short 13 minute run time, but even then there was surely more opportunity for more position changes, more penetration and movement during penetration and thus allow for more and more varied photographs for the photograph sets. (Checking Submission only 8 minutes! At a minimum that could have been 15 – some more minutes in average run-times would be highly appreciated.)

Lastly, I would have loved for those long socks to come off. I’m a huge bare foot fan, and any time they wind up staying covered for the entire scene it winds up being a bit of a let-down for me. Thus for stockings I truly prefer them sheer, the more sheer the better. Socks? I abhor their staying on in adult entertainment. I would truly love to see you include some more barefoot shots and feet content, even say a “Fetishhouse” series or something similar that was dedicated to it. I’ve been struggling to find any sort of female foot fetish, or GG foot fetish, dude free, no men at all, and when I find it? I’m a member for life.

Those things said and done, it really is a lovely photo set and a great video to accompany it. Very hot, sexy and arousing. I’m loving the site and the content, beautiful young ladies and great quality. I love being able to hear things, the sounds of the lingerie being pulled up or down, the wetness of their pussies, their softest inhalations in pleasure, etc. This is a big time plus here. Always looking to the horizon, cant’ wait to see what you have in store for us all.

Lastly, as you are in Europe somewhere, correct? I have a list of talent that I would LOVE to see you bring in and feature, truly (I’m currently a member at a group of sites that regularly, or have in the past, featured these girls, you have some overlap with them even):

[generally they’re either the same age or a year older]

- Eva Elfie (t#1 pick, overall, would be AMAZING to see here)
- Sofi Smile; 18 (a top pick}
- Hayli Sanders (a top pick)
- Bonny S; 18
- Lika Star; 18
- Adele Hotness; 18
- Stacy Cruz; 19
- Kinsley White; 18
- Lia S; 19
- Ellie Leen; 21
- Nikki Hill; 18
- Sasha Sparrow; 18
- more Nancy A
- More Mila Azul

Thanks for sticking with me this far, whoever did. I am a bit loquacious but it’s only on account of the passion I have for the things I love – beautiful women.