RELEASED: Fetishouse Series of Fitting-Room
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RELEASED: Fetishouse Series of Fitting-Room

Fitting-Room is going through some changes that we are very excited about. We have been doing voyeur fetish lingerie for a few years now. That hasn't and won't change, but we are now showing our HOMEMADE fitting-room videos. So, let us talk about the up and coming of Fitting-Room.

Fitting-Room was born with a very clear idea : be the very best lingerie fetish website around the internet, that is still very much the goal, and will never change.  We are not the oldest lingerie porn site and by far do not have that experience. What we do have is the passion and love of what we do. We worked very hard to bring in the very hottest girls with the most seductive attitudes and willing to be put through the task of being a sologirl fetish with a teasing side to them. This has not easy work, nothing ever is if we want to be successful, right?

Our community has grown drastically since they have found us and they stick around to talk, make posts, or ask us a question. This is one thing that is very important to us. We are in a relationship with all of the people involved with Fitting-Room, regardless of the level of the relationship. With members, we want, and need, to know what interests them and if they see something to give suggestions about, we listen.

Fitting-Room delivers all of the best 4K Definition videos to you, whether it be online porn with a big screen, or something a little more private like a tablet so you can site, or lay, somewhere to have some privacy. We value the tools that have to be used, or that can be used, to watch your videos and get your fix of lingerie sologirl videos.

For "THE CHANGES", we have gotten great feedback on making "Series" videos and our newest series is "FetishHouse Series. The first bombshell on this series is from Czech Supermodel, Alexis Crystal. She is not alone, we will have others you may know, such as: Sybil, Cherry Kiss, Jia Lissa, Ellie Leen, Leanne Lace... and that’s just the beginning! All of the new series will be set in house locations which gives them the freedom of using the bedroom, shower, or in the living room. They can also play with their new toys. This can be done now because they are not in the small areas of the fitting room. With the use of bigger toys, this is going to be far better, they don't have to just use the little ones because that's what in their bags, that will fit.

The fact that we do not have the big flashy site like some others do, is paramount to our goals. We run a tight ship, and this is done for the sake of our members, all members! Sure we may not have the large sites, and may be very amateur with our site, we are a new upstart basically, but that won't last for long. But all in all, we do kind of like the closeness with our members, but that will never change.

None of us can make it in this world without the help of someone else, regardless of what you do in life. But our promise is to always give our best so that our members know they are getting us and we are there and present.


FR admin commented 10 months ago

«Hey Rydars,
thx for your sweet words!

Rydars commented 10 months ago

«My first view: your site is perfect. No need to change the layout. I look forward to the content !!»

Myvob1 commented 2 years ago

«Just love your work thank you please can we maybe have sometime your lady's putting on and taking off clothes would love that»