Cherry Kiss is finally here!
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Cherry Kiss is finally here!
We here at the Fitting-Room are thrilled to have Cherry Kiss with us on her debut scene. She was so gracious as to let us have a little insight to her passions when it comes to what she likes the best about her own personal fetishes. As you can see, she is quite the horny young lady.

Q: How was shooting for FR?
CHERRY: It was relaxing and and I was made very comfortable, there was never any point where anything was made to make me uncomfortable. I also had a little room to make my own suggestions, as well. I love when something is different and girls are happy to do it then they are proud as well about what they did. Shooting was amazing and l was myself on every video and photo that makes me happy

Q: Do you think you are lingerie addicted?
CHERRY: I think so, something about having that softness on my body is a turn on, the way it falls on my body, feeling the cool feel of it on my tits makes me tingle a little the instant I pull it over my head and down my tits to my belly button. I am already lingerie addicted ????☺

Q: How do you feel when wearing sexy panties?
CHERRY: They make me feel like I have a happy secret that no one knows about, making my pussy tingle with every step. I go the whole day knowing that I have the hottest panties in the world, or at least I think so. I feel sexy obviously and is something what every girl and woman likes
Q: Do you have a personal fetish that turns you on?
CHERRY: Nothing makes me more horny thank if I am in a public place on devided by a curtain, my dildo in my purse, is all making me horny talking about it now. You may think this isn't the same thing as "in public" But once you try it, you will definitely feel the thrill. I love pretty clothes and lingerie on pretty people. If l see that package, straight away l am Horny

Q: Have you ever masturbated in a fitting room?
CHERRY: I did I couple of times but for my fans - They asked me for it - Personally l masturbate aaaa looot :)) but shower is my thing ????

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