Leanne Lace, a supermodel who loves Lingerie Fetishism
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Leanne Lace, a supermodel who loves Lingerie Fetishism

Q.) How was shooting for FR?

A.) Shooting was really amazing. Everyone was in a great mood. I really enjoyed it. Everything went very good and I had a great time with the Fitting-room.


Q.) Do you think to be lingerie addicted?

A.) Certainly yes, every woman likes beautiful lingerie softly touching their skin. But it is true that sometimes I go without underwear because it feels so naughty and free. Like my own little secret that no one can know.


Q.) How do you feel when wearing sexy panties?

A.) Like a sexy cat, walking around with the feel of their touch rubbing on my pussy and thongs that fit tightly on my ass.


Q.) Do you have a personal fetish that turns you on?

A.) I love hitachi on clitoris.. Really I like it.. And about the lingerie I like transparent underwear, so that they are see through and that feels even more sexy


Q.) Have u ever masturbated in a fitting room?

A.) Yes once, when I was trying on new lingerie and panties that felt so good that I got horny and I took my pocket vibrator out of my bag. I keep it in my bag so I am always ready.


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