Lorena G loves trying on full thong body suits, masturbating, fetishouse is the new change in the Fitting-Room and is so damn sexy and steaming hot

Lorena G | Sheer Thong Bodysuit

Lorena is one of the most beautiful women on the planet! And she's also one of the naughtiest ... when she tries on sexy lingerie, she always turns on and wants only one thing: to fuck her wet pussy. Watch her trying on some thong bodysuits and show her nice ass. She likes too much to spread her ass to get banged. Finally she sits wearing a super sexy sheer thong bodysuit and fucks her pussy with a vibrator ...


Fluffer_ commented 2 years ago

«There's a cool moment around two minutes in here where Lorena's trying to remove the painted on pants she's wearing: frustrated and having fun, she's looking at at the camera behind the mirror as if she's saying "CUT" !! I wish there were subtitles for what she was saying in spanish too, I got "pants" and "help!".

I know it's breaking the fourth wall a little bit I'm glad you kept it in!

ronskyTT commented 2 years ago

«She is No 1 here, stunning and unbelievable pretty......one of the hottest in Web. I hope for longer, the number of age is not important.»

Fluffer_ commented 2 years ago

«Lorena looks great in bodysuits, but as Bjorn commented on an earlier video, she'd be fine wearing a potato sack... And how lucky are we that by the end of these videos she's doing things other than reading the phone book?

A strong effort, thank you. Hopefully there are many more Lorena sets and videos to come.