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Sasha Meow | Dreams Come True


Goooch commented 3 months ago

«Sasha Meow, no age listed on IAFD, though active in the industry since 2013. I would not have expected that as she looks fresh as a daisy, in the best of ways, like this. Very good looking. Do you know how old she was when you all filmed her?

Fetishhouse Series. Could we get some more information on what that means and what we can come to expect for future “Fetishouse” installments?

We open and she looks great! Video is crisp, clear. I would like a touch more color though, or warmth, in the lighting – getting close to that interchangeable all-white everything look (white walls, white sheets, bright white lights – too much and it becomes cold, clinical). I really like the peaks of green we get outside through the window; I love natural lighting and verdant colors like lush, alive grass.

Excellent, she turns around and takes her panties down within forty-five seconds, revealing a wonderful pouch of a pussy – that’s my strong preference; thick and puffy labia majora and trim, tucked away labia minora. She has a trimmed bush, though it extends all the way down to her clitoris and the start of her lips – not my preference, I have a strong preference for them to be fully shaven, to see all those wonderful folds and crevasses, to get clear views of a proud and jutting mons pubis. I know it’s controversial, some love bush some don’t. I’m in the latter camp. Just like female feet – some thing they’re gross and other’s can’t get enough – I’m in the latter camp.

To that end I’m really hoping that she slips out of those heels by the end of the scene. Everybody can get taken care of that way – heels fans the first half, sweet bare feet the second half. Win/win. Unless it’s a heels fetish video, then of course that would be nonsensical, it’d BE bout the heels then. (Also, if you do a stockings fetish video? Many stocking changes, to get the bare feet in view, and a variety of stocking styles would be great – the heavy ones for the folks that like them and the super sheer ones for us foot fans.)

- 3:00 One of the key things I love about The Fitting Room, it’s audio. What do I mean? Here you can hear her slide her hand across the desktop towards the next pair of panties. Earlier you could hear her caress her skin. I love these sorts of things – really deepens the immersion.

The flip-side of that coin? Things like the super creaky desk as she shifts around sounding thunderous. Getting those hammered out in a sort of audio test shot beforehand would help deepen that immersion by making the aural sphere overall more pleasant.

I like Sasha’s bright red nail polish.

- 6:15 I notice, it’s a static shot, the same shot thus far all the way through, same distance away. I have been hoping for some closeups and I now believe we aren’t going to be getting any.

Yeah, she’s just way too far away from the camera. I love, LOVE full body shots, I don’t like getting stuck in closeup, especially if we get a chance to see her bare feet in the full body shot but being stuck in the same, static full body shot (3/4s shot) leaves a bit to be desired. I have been wanting to see that lovely looking pussy up close and in detail, and her puckered little asshole.

- 10:00 Thankfully we now get a close shot, she pulls up a chair. During this entire time she’s been standing in one spot, sometimes turning around, sometimes swaying back and forth a little, and we’ve been afforded very few views. I’d love to have seen her gorgeous body in motion, some dynamism, instead of the sort of just standing there she does. If you go back through this and watch this first ten minutes at 4X speed, it’ll really drive home the point I’m making here.

She still has her top on – I understand the motif of the site, but I wouldn’t say her top is lingerie or anything of the sort, it’s just a nice top, pulled down low enough to pull her breasts out. I’m hoping that top comes off by the end of this.

- 15:00 Heels still on, legs up so we can see them so I don’t know if this is supposed to be a heels fetish video or what. Back to the opening comment, what is this “Fetishhouse” series theme? I really wish she’d get barefoot by video end.

Still overall a real lack of movement, very slow pacing, just next to nothing happening on the screen. Very light toying. And her top is still on. She has scooted forward in the chair and has now hidden her asshole and her perineum from view, preventing us from seeing any perineal contractions (though they’d be hard to see anyhow with how far away we are). She does appear pretty wet by the end! I also find it odd she never penetrated herself with the toy.

As the scene wraps up, it’s still the second camera shot and her top is not only still on but one breast is now covered up.

To wrap up, super hot girl, she’s very attractive. Everything looked nice, video crisp and sharp, audio detailed, though things overall felt a touch over-white, cold, clinical. I wasn’t into her top staying on the whole time and her heels staying on the whole time, nor her hiding her asshole and perineum from us for about half the time or so and thus preventing any signs of contractions during orgasm. I’d also like to have seen her move around more, to have shown off her body more, to have tried on and off more panties and overall display more movement, more dynamism. If you go back, as an experiment and watch this at 4X speed you’ll see exactly what I’m saying by the lack of movement. I do like that it’s an over twenty minute long video though. Good run-time. And she’s a stunner.

Don’t take my words too harshly – this is something that any man, or women who likes women, can sit back, relax, turn down the lights and turn up the sound and get to know their own body a little better, and have a real fine time doing it! I truly intend to just give more insight into the mind of this user as well to open up a dialogue, both between The Fitting Room and users like me, but also other users who might not comment often, as I don’t see much in the comment sections.

Other members! You out there? What brought you to the fitting room? What’s your favorite Fitting Room scenes? What do you hope to see more of as 2021 keeps building steam?

[Post Script – I think it’s great you all offer pay through Paypal, that’s a truly welcome feature for a lot of folks. I didn’t use it but I know it’s a well and true boon.]