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Ryanos726 commented 1 month ago

«I just wanna say that I like seeing Lady Dee here, along with several other women that have been mentioned. I've got several subscriptions to a few different sites and Lady Dee has been a mainstay of most of them for several years. I don't care what she's done elsewhere, nor do I think her body has been "turned out" (which tbh, I think is a ghastly turn of phrase to describe a young woman).

We all have our preferences, of course, and if yours are towards women who haven't done the rough content elsewhere, that's fair enough. For me, Lady Dee and Alexis Crystal, in particular, remain among my favourite models. I just ignore the content that they've shot that isn't to my taste.

On a different note, I don't think you'll be seeing Red Fox again for a while unless it's some unreleased archive content. Even her official website stopped updating last year. She'd already started moving into a role behind the camera as it is, so chances are she's retired; for now, at least. Best I can tell, Fitting Room's 'Anal Plugged Booty Redhead' video from March 2020 is the last piece of content released anywhere that she didn't produce herself.

Goooch commented 1 month ago

«Up first – I apologize! Sorry for being a touch up front or brusque. Thanks for touching base with me. Also, after you all get this, feel free to delete my reply here and my original reply at the bottom of the page – no need for me to cast any aspersions on your fine site here, lots to like, and I’m not trying to run you down. I really do apologize. Feel free to reply if you like but if I see it’s been deleted I’ll know you’ve seen it and you’ve gotten my apology and my unpacking of this subject. (And after this I won’t mention any other companies in comparison! I promise.)

Much of this is born of frustration as it’s a trend I’m encountering on many websites, photography/solo/masturbation/tough of GG. Over the past year or so there’s been a big influx of the women whom would normally have been simply perfection but for one problem – that other spot snatched them up and really turned them out, roughly. Lot of this happened during the pandemic, they were one of the places that didn’t stop shooting despite calls for the suspension of it – many girls wound up not having a choice but to go there and accept things being done to them they never ever would have considered, or would have turned their career in that direction. It’s a shame as it bucks the aesthetic of many of those sites, that had prior stretches of excellence in the discovery and modeling of fresh, new and young talent.

Am I happy? Overall for sure! Sorry to come off niggling about this one aspect, it’s just something that’s been popping up in four of my memberships now. Five, maybe? It’s like I can’t get away from the effects of that place.

Looking forward to Mary! And the next!

And apologies on Eve Sweet! When I was looking up performing credits I accidentally got her mixed up with Sweet Angela, who is doing DPs and the like for that place I was talking about.

I will stay tuned – here for a year and I hope to be for one after that. I love dick free content, just beautiful women, getting dressed and undressed, pleasuring themselve and sometimes another beautfuyl woman too. My eyes are always to the horizon.

Also, no more mentioning of that “other” place that’s messing the industry up, I promise! Apologies, that’s over with from here on out.

Some reflections on “fresh” vs “non-fresh”:

These girls, with the exclamation point are perfect! I’d call these “fresh” even if some have quite a number of credits to their acting history – it’s not circus sex stuff, all G/G, solo, some B/G, an occasionally anal or the like. (If that!)

- Eve Sweet!
- Red Fox!
- Sasha Meow!
- Caomei!
- Penelope Cross!
- Natasha Lapiedra!
- Lena Love!
- Baby Nicols!
- Sybil!
- Elena Vega!
- Ellie Leen!
- Sabrisse!

Now these girls also are great for your site I feel though they’ve had quite the number of credits to their history at a variety of places, doing quite a few different things – and that’s ok! They, too, despite some of those credits, I still consider “fresh”.

- Romy Indy*
- Katy Rose*
- Anastasia Brokelyn*
- Katrina Moreno*
- Joesephine Jackson*
- Marilyn Sugar*
- Megane Lopez*
- Lovita Fae*
- Angelika Grays*
- Abella Danger*
- Leanne Lace*

So the following are ones that are part of the group I listed below – it’s not so much how many scenes or credits they have to their history, it’s how much wild circus sex stuff they’ve done at that place I was referring to, that’s busting out all the new girls. Some of the women below only have a handful of credits but they are among that one place with DPs, Fistings, wet content, and other acts. Even then – it’s not so much those acts as those acts that’s been perpetrated upon them at that one place I was referring to. As the way they go about it is very brusque and you can see the wreckage left behind after just a few scenes performed for them. They, along with the list in my first post below, have all worked for the place.

- Cassia Del Isla
- Anya Kray
- Sofia Star
- Marica Chanelle
- Lucy Heart
- Lady Dee
- Jessika Night
- Kristy Black
- Silvia Soprono
- Eve Sweet
- Julia De Lucia
- Ginabra Belluci
- Lena Love
- Alexis Ctystal
- Cherry Kiss

Lastly, love to see some women like the following sometime:

- Eva Elfie (t#1 pick, overall, would be AMAZING to see here)
- Hayli Sanders (a top pick)
- Leona Mia (another top pick)
- Bonny S; 18
- Adele Hotness; 18
- Kinsley White; 18
- Lia S; 19
- more Nancy A
- More Mila Azul

Thanks again Fitting Room, both for sticking with me on this long one. Apologies once again for bringing all this up in the first place, or at least for how I approached it, and I’ll look for this and the other post’s deletion, upon my request mind, just as a sign of goodwill from me to you. Appreciate all the work and effort that goes into this, as you have said on your “About” page it’s a small team of folks who really love what they do. (Be keen on a blog entry someday again maybe – let me know if you ever want an idea or some submissions for a blog entry)

Thanks again,
- Goooch

FR admin commented 1 month ago

«Dear Goooch,
we're doing our best to create the best contents possible and we're proud to say most (if not all) of our members are truly happy about that.

We do consider your critics and suggestions, but we don't believe we are not shooting fresh talents. Did you see our homepage?! In a few days we'll release a video of a NEVER shot before model (Mary Popiense) and another one is on her way.

We also recently shot Eve Sweet who's not a model seen in so many websites. And she even played a few exclusive performances only for us.

We don't like to be comapred with other websites; we do our things, trying to improve every day.

Stay tuned!

Goooch commented 1 month ago

«Can we get some fresh talent that hasn't already been put through every conceivable wringer already and done everything under the sun already for that one company over there, that's ruining all the fresh new talent? I do believe you know exactly who I’m talking about. They are ruining more than one of my subscriptions. Tired of their influence on the industry. Looking at your updates:

- Lady Dee
- Jessika Night
- Kristy Black
- Silvia Soprono
- Eve Sweet
- Julia De Lucia
- Ginabra Belluci
- Lena Love
- Alexis Ctystal

Those are all super experienced girls who’ve done it all, and then some, for that company that I’m talking about. All those are wasted uploads for me, ones that I have no interest in, representing demerits to the value of my membership. I should have taken the time to do my research before joining, as I would have had to think hard about the full year, if it’s going to be nothing but a parade of that one companies leftovers.

Please, please, please find some FRESH talent over there, not already put through the wringer for that one site. If I wanted girls from that site I’d buy some tickets and watch the destruction they’re putting them through. I don’t. And that’s why I’m at a dick free website, to try and see some super sexy ladies do sexy things – without having that visible hard use written all over the privates.

Need more Eillie Leen. More Sybil. More stuff like that and less girls like above.