Mary Popiense | Young Innocence

Mary Popiense | Young Innocence


FR admin commented 9 months ago

«Hey Goooch,
thx for your kind comment. And... yes there's A LOT with Mary coming soon.......

Goooch commented 9 months ago

«Had to check the conversion on cm to feet (to be clear, I would be more than happy to switch right on over to the metric system at that, here in the west) and she's five and half feet tall. SUPERB. I love two types of women, they sort of represent a juxtaposition: the "sweet petitie treat" and the "long and lean treat". With a pair of heels on Mary can nearly look me in the eyes! I always feel that spark, a little ball of excitement when meeting and chatting with a woman who's taller like that, something unique and refreshing about it. Mary is a delight. Excellent casting. Hoping you all see fit to bring much more of Miss Popiense to us (and maybe grant us foot fans a peek or two at those, likely amazing, feet of hers, pretty please). Thanks for this one Fitting-Room.»