Romy Indy | Lustful Dream

Romy Indy | Lustful Dream


FR admin commented 2 weeks ago

«Thank you Goooch!! You're going to love what we'll release soon...... :P»

Goooch commented 2 weeks ago

«Commented on this one on Twitter, just coming here to say much the same - highly enjoyable. The gooesbumps on her smooth, flawless skin was delightful. The opening shot showing off her perfect wrinkly soles was jaw dropping. I loved the way her read end looked and the closeups of it. I could just imagine spooning her as she touches herself, smelling her sweet scents - her hair, her arousal, everything. Big time fan and if you feature her again sometime down the road - I'd put in a vote for some foot focused stuff with her, show off those supremely naturally wrinkly soles (she doesn't need to scrunch her toes or anything, just her perfect relaxed or arched foot shoes them off the best.)

Thanks for this one!