Mischa Wren | We Love Hairy

Mischa Wren | We Love Hairy


seemsfitting commented 1 week ago

«Love the hairy content!»

Kokuruu commented 3 weeks ago

«"We Love Hairy" is great, more of this, please!»

FR admin commented 2 months ago

«Hey Goooch!

thx for your feedback, we always appreciate when our members share their thoughts with us!

FITTING-ROOM is not a "hairy" or "shaved" website! :) Our community loves stunning babes, wearing lingerie and doing naughty things... With that said, as you can see this is the first real hairy video among 240!!! I'd say there's definitely a "shaved trend" :)

Thx for your interest in FITTING-ROOM!

Goooch commented 2 months ago

«Hard pass, We Love Hairy is a series not for me. I love gals full shaved, not a hint of hair. I've joined websites for all the girls being shaved, fully, and that being a selling point. I would never consider joining a site for hairy girls. Eye's to the horizon, looking forward to the next one (hopefully non-hairy!)»