Jessika Night | Winter Tale

Jessika Night | Winter Tale


BOND5000 commented 1 year ago

«Her HIPS & her BIG BUTT CHEEKS are HEAVEN, this is THE GREATEST YouTube Panty Haul I have EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!! Thank you!!!»

Anonymous commented 2 years ago

«Jessika is AMAZING!!! More of her please. BTW Thossman1, the old style of scene sucks. Fitting Room is now the best Lingerie/solo sight.»

Thossman1 commented 2 years ago

«If you take the 100 most viewed videos on fitting room you will find 10 of them are of the new kind of fitting room. in the top 100 liked 7 of them are the new kind. and 5 of them are in the lower half of the 100, and the 2 with the highest amount of likes is not even in the top 25%. Now, these values dont have any numbers so its impossible to know if this is just 20 people who liked the old vids, left and then noone new uses the like function, or if a majority of users actually use the like function ither could be true for all i know. But assuming somewhere in the middle of that is most likely, it seems to me like the site has data that says what kind of format is preferred, and that the site just for some reason does not want to use the better format. I think my subscription is running out soon and thankfully realized that dowloading the whole old catalogue does not take too much space on my pc so i can save my money for whenever they decide to get the old format a try again. Like, the actual fitting room setup makes the sexual poses, the checking themself out in mirrors (and also having clothing to try on at all) seem way more natural and make more sense.
I mean sure, other settings with "hidden cams" can be cool too, but having trying on panties be the standard for every location is so strange. There are plausible ways you could set up for someone building up to masturbation anywhere that would make the fetish house concept be cool, but trying on panties is not allways the way, like someone outside in the sun, they dont try on clothes outside in the sun, they sunbathe, stop reading a book or completely out of nowhere start teasing themselves and masturbating.
My point being that the fetish house series could be really good, but it would need a lot of work when it comes to setting the scenario that makes the girl msturbate in a way that seems natural and not forced. This makes me want to point out the advantage with the old fitting room setup, you could have thousands of girls try on panties, pose for sexy pics for "friends" or "a bf", while teasing themself sporatically till they start masturbating to orgasme and that story and/or scene would never get old, you would only need new girls, and maybe, just maybe, new toys.

And also, your music is way too loud and takes way too long to fade completely out, makes a 20 minute porn video into 10 mins of "im watching a porn video" and 10 mins of "enjoying a porn video fully emersed" (well, as emersed as i can get with the whole buildup to the masturbation feeling forced and stupid)

Tldr go back to old fitting room with new (or old) girls and then your site will be great, or improve the fetishouse concept hundred fold and maybe make a new brand and then your site will also be great.

Just my two cents after two-three years of subscrptions(over multiple accounts cus i only recently figured out how to log onto the billing site. ) I'll likely be chencking in every once in a while to see if you return to some form of the good format, that makes the sites name make sense.

Goooch commented 2 years ago

«So I get that on the Fitting Room there’s going to be a focus on various bits of clothing as they try them on, take them off, showing off while doing that. Part of that would be them wearing something sexy, something hot. Different sorts of lingerie and the like.

In this she keeps her long sleeved top on, it’s heavy and thick, until 09:44, more than halfway through the film. At that point she pulls it up for roughly a minute, then it’s back down as she lays down in bed. It stays on the rest of the time, covering her nipples asides from a brief glimpse a few times at her left breast.

When she lays down on the bed and she’s barefoot? Her feet stay hidden in the bedding, her right on arched and on her tippy toes but the weight of her leg presses her toes down into the bedding, hiding it from sight. The left foot occasionally shows the tops of her toes but otherwise we just get some glimpses at her instep. Missed out there.

Her pussy looks great, love that it’s fully shaved. Fully shaved is my firm preference, massive bushes are hard passes, not a glance, click or download.

Aside from a few of the panties I really didn’t like much of the clothing used for this set, finding it drab, day-to-day, uninspired – want to see the opposite of that, sexy lingerie that shows off her body in all kinds of ways, eventually working her way to being fully nude. At no point in time should a model keep her top on the way she did in this scene – not paying for that, paying to wind up seeing them nude by the end.

Lastly, a word on casting once again – those models like Jessika are slipping in again, that have a ton of super hardcore work at that ONE company over there in Europe. Those models are also a hard pass for me, them being put through way too much and too roughly there, leaves me with little interest in seeing them attempted to be presented in such a light here.

Like to see more puffy pussies, thick labia majora and hidden labia minora, full and jutting mons pubis, not a hair in sight. Some call them “innies”. I’m also super keen on a followup to Cherry’s Foot Fetish picture set, female foot fetish content is my Holy Grail and it’s harder than hell to find without a man sticking his face and other bits into the scene.