Alexis Crystal | My Lovely Toy

Alexis Crystal | My Lovely Toy


eipmsink commented 1 month ago

«Bad camera angle - off to the side.»

lazykitten commented 1 year ago

«It was wonderful to see Alexis enjoying her fresh panties, she really gets off on them. Thanks Alexis. The lighting in this video was great.»

Goooch commented 2 years ago

«Tory Sweety – excellent casting, barely been in anything and no wild stuff at that one company (terrible at foot posing though, very unappealing in the way she presented them.). After that though, it’s been a rough bit of casting. Cindy Shine though? 60 scenes for that place, doing literally everything under the sun, none of it anything I have any interest in seeing (or it’s after effects, which is writ plainly on the young ladies bodies after just a handful of scenes there, let alone 50 or more). Cindy recently had to announce that she isn’t doing DAP, or more, any longer, as she has to take care of her asshole (it having been used so roughly at that one place). Then we come to Jessika Night – 19 scenes there in quick succession, doing everything under the sun, things I want to see NO woman every do, nor do I ever want to see the aftermath of the work there. And up after that? All in a row? Alexis Crystal – 32 scenes there, everything under the sun.

So – about that casting again, and about those new models again? That place I talk about is a literal cancer on the porn industry, laying waste to all the fresh talent in Europe. It’s to the point that every single company over there plays second fiddle, using talent that has been put through the absolute wringer already at that place. I just get tired of subbing to Euro companies, as there is tons of new, young teens over there, and I want to see them, yet they’re all put through the wringer at that one place first. It’s stunning how many companies have to use that places models, available only after all that stuff’s been done to them, leaving them in the state they wind up being left in after.

It’s also a disconnect. I have a hard time buying the women getting off from a finger, or a light bit of dildo work, when they have been doing DVP or TAP on the regular at that place, it just doesn’t connect. I also have a disconnect when viewing many of those that work for that place as often they’ve been urinated on, and in various orifices, by groups of men, many swallowing it. I apologize to any of the young ladies that happen to read this but I just don’t have any interest in paying to see women who drink men’s urine.

Here’s to something new, exciting and fresh for the next update!