FR admin commented 3 months ago

«Hello Oldie50,
thank you so much for your sweet words! It's a pleasure having you aboard. We are working hard to make FITTING-ROOM a special place and our costumers' feedback is truly important for us.

Oldie50 commented 3 months ago

«What a treasure cove, this Fitting Room! And Katya Clover certainly is The Real Diamond in it! I have seen her in many other pages, but this one is unique! Thanks!»

FR admin commented 12 months ago

«Hello MaxAC,

no there's no way to manually resize our videos. But I suggest you to download the 720p version: it's quite light and its quality is very good.

MaxAC commented 12 months ago

«Is there any way of maybe lowering the resolution manually? My internet is slow at times and cannot load the video often»