What about an Italian booty chick?!
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What about an Italian booty chick?!
It was February 17, 2018 when for the first time you saw Melissa White's gorgeous big ass. It was the first time for her: Melissa is a young Italian cam model who had never worked for an adult site.

During the last months you have seen many videos and many photo sets with this true beauty: her body is incredible: tall, thin with a big round butt to die for.

In this new video, Melissa shows you her secret fetish: thong bodysuits. She really likes to show off her ass and she never wants to cover it. For this reason thong bodysuits are her passion. When she puts on the first one she really looks like a good girl: it's pink cotton making her like a teenager in her bedroom. Then she tries on a velvet one, and things start to get naughtier.

Finally she wears a blue thong bodysuit, so small that you can see her pussy hairs. Now Melissa is really horny and starts roughly masturbating. While she's sitting, you can perfectly stare at her wet open pussy and her tight asshole.


Mo31102022 commented 7 months ago

«Big butts are the best! Especially if it's not a BRAZILLIAN BUTT LIFT (FAKE) one! I mean original butts with cellulits, stretch marks and other unique features.»