Italian teen Melissa White is back and hotter than ever in this exclusive lingerie fetish video at the Fitting-Room

Melissa White | Booty Bodysuit Teen

Many months have passed, but the wait was worth it! Our booty Italian teen is back, and in this video she's naughtier than ever. Her big ass is really hot while she's wearing some sexy thong bodysuits. She's so horny and looks in the mirror while touching her big buttocks. It's amazing to watch her tight pussy getting wet until she fucks it with sex toy.


Raiders7677 commented 1 year ago

«Big buttocks? She's got a nice small tight ass!»

animatecastle commented 3 years ago

«Seriously, Melissa White is hot. She really admires herself. What a vain, hot woman. And her body is perfect. Thank you. I really wish whoever's running this site would go full-on Andrew Blake and get psychedelic with it.»

animatecastle commented 3 years ago

«We need more Melissa White in our lives. She is the perfect femme fatale.»

loverr commented 4 years ago

«Melissa White is gorgeous and her booty is incredible in those body suits. I love watching her bring herself to climax, she always looks so warm!»