Alexis Crystal is so horny for her new lace thongs in the Fetishouse Series starting with a lot of teasing and pulling out of her tools.

Alexis Crystal | Pool Table

Kind of sure that this will not be read too many times, not when you get a look at Alexis Crystal. You see? She just got her new Fitting-Room panties and she has too many idea as to what to do with them to break them in. She sits her skinny sweet ass in her chair after she puts them on and they barely cover her sweet slit between her legs. Her long hair flowing down her leg as she slips into her new pink panties.


FR admin commented 4 years ago

«Dear members,

thank you very much for your comments, suggestions and criticisms.
We do believe our main concept can be developed in other shape, such as the "Fetishouse Series". But reading your thoughts allows us to improve our content and match your wishes.

We are shooting new models every couple of weeks then we have room to put your ideas.

Stay tuned, this is just (a new) beginning!

thoss commented 4 years ago

«would really love if you didnt have music for so long in the beginning, everything over 10-15 secs just made it take longer to get into the vid.
also like the concept of doing everyday things getting turned on and so on.

Fluffer_ commented 4 years ago

«Pretty cool!

The original fitting room concept is a good one, but with the amount of updates you have, it was always going get repetetive. Home try-ons seem like a natural expansion of the idea, and I expect will afford further variety with different rooms and so on. This first effort was pretty succesful with pleasing visuals/photography and Alexis did a wonderful job.

I thought the ratio between teasing and/or build-up and explicit masturbation was good here as I think it has been in your older videos. Of course, the slower and more excruciating you can make the build-up in the beginning of a video the more mind blowing it will be to see the models with dildos in their asses by the end. I'm thinking a video could begin with the models wearing very casual clothes, doing everyday things, going on to trying on underwear. Maybe the initial change of clothes could be shot modestly, think of a mainstream film where we almost get to see the goods but not quite! Then we'd be excited to see a nipple by the halfway point, and things would quickly escalate from there...

Another thing is the point of view: what we see here (and in your other videos) is the "fly on the wall", omnipresent eye, which is completely fine and works well. Still, should you feel like trying something different, the home setting will afford you to pull back to a full on voyer mode: only using long lenses, obscuring the view with door openings, mirrors, windows or what have you. Or, maybe the model could be conscious of the viewer in some cases? I'm just thinking out loud, I can't guarantee these would work!

Also, I was sad to see Lorena not mentioned in the fetish house blog post... still, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for more with her!

29052018 commented 4 years ago

«Lighting compared to changing room bad. Wide lens in my opininion only good for focusing on closeup views filming ass, pussy or anything your members like but not farer than a half meter like you did at the end of the video. Just looks weird. Nibbling on panties which have been bought is questionable but maybe some members do like it. For certain I don't, wouldn't and still don't think any women which I know would do it. Changing underwear in this occasion should be extended, focused on private parts and breasts for instance. Give us some nice cameltoes to be teased with or close ups of other bodyparts for instance by directing their underwear, breastholder, garter belts or stockings. Still your site is named "FITTING-ROOM" The part with the vibrator is in my opinion just going straight in the style of other softcore sites and showing some pussy. Which sites I will never join again cause in the years watching porn I evolved beyond such things but teasing is still a turn on for me besides hardocre anal pornography. I know it is a hard business and many got bankrupt and so you just try doing best but the start of fitting-room with its early content was a reason why I joined in the first place it's called "TEASING"!!! Great looking models in general which know how to move and tease the audience.»