Lorena G steps into the fitting-room in this MILF lingerie fetish video with her and all of her toys needed for personal sex

Lorena G | Spanish Woman Is A Nylon Addicted

Lorena G has a serious addiction to her nylons and steps into the fitting-room that was the only thing between her and the rest of the world. She doesn't seem to care when she pulls out her anal plug and dildo and goes to work on her pussy and asshiole. She must have brought an entire arsonal of toys, afterall, a MILF has to be prepaired for anything that gets her off, right?


Rydars commented 1 month ago

«I got out of my body»

FR admin commented 4 years ago

«Thank you Fluffer!!
Your comment makes us proud of what we do! Our editors work hard to create cool videos and when our members give us such a good feedback, it's priceless!

And yes! we always screen our video on a big 4K screen with headphones on!! :)

Fluffer_ commented 4 years ago

«Thank you!

First of all, if you haven't watched these in a darkened room right before a big screen TV with headphones on, try it! It really transforms the audiovisual experience quite dramatically when compared to a tablet or a laptop!

Secondly, I want to compliment something that goes easily overlooked: the editing here (and other videos too) is really seamless and unnoticeable. It's as if you haven't actually edited it down at all, just compiled the footage from different camera angles into one continious feed. Maybe that's how it is? Anyway, it's really well done and never "comes between" the viewer and the girl behind the glass, if that makes sense.

As for the video, well, it might just be my favorite on the whole site. Lorena's sensuality, beauty and goofy nature are all present here and the masturbation sequence is out of this world. Beg and plead if you have to, but make sure you have her back for more!!