Lorena G comes to the fitting-room for some anal play with her blue dildo, while watching herself in the mirror.
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Lorena G | You Can't Imagine How Tight Is Her Asshole

Lorena G loves anal sex and here she is in our fitting-room with her blue dildo giving herself some good anal play after she tries on a few pairs of panties. She is always up for some anal, no matter who is outside that curtain that is the only thing keeping her and the rest of the store apart, which to her, is a turn on on its own. It's the next best thing to public masturbation


yannick commented 2 years ago

«more Lorena!!!
very very so sexy woman

FR admin commented 2 years ago

«Hello fluffer,

thank you for your interesting message. That's exactly what we expect from our community. You nailed it!
Well, your short film subject sounds very intriguing and it would deserve to be developed. Who knows?! Actually we have not planned to create anything outside the fitting room, but we'll think about it.

Also, regarding the suspension of disbelief, well... our idea is models are playing, but not for an audience, but for themselves. They are alone in that room and can only see themselves; and you should feel as "lucky audience" that secretly spy their private moments.

That's the concept. Don't you like it?! :)

fluffer commented 2 years ago

«Hello everyone,

At the risk turning this page in to an echo chamber: as it was for others, Lorena's presence was the deciding factor for me to sign up for the site. As beautiful as ever, Lorena doesn't disappoint. I like the concept, the long buildup, the change of outfits and the use of a phone as a prop is a good idea I think. And frankly, I do love the fact that Lorena doesn't shy away from anal play. It is an intoxicating visual, especially after the aforementioned buildup. Thank you for bringing Lorena "back" and congratulations on the site, it seems there's a really good buzz around it!

Some thoughts, for what they're worth:

If we ask the question, what is it that a FITTING-ROOM short film could ideally accomplish, I think it is to satisfy a certain kind of vouyeristic fantasy.

Imagine you’re in a department store, bored and uncomfortable probably, when you spot the most beautiful girl you’ve seen browsing the underwear rack. As she heads for the fitting room just the thought of her undressing will make your pulse racing. Your imagination running wild, you’d give anything to be a fly on a wall. In a nutshell, the viewer has to be made to feel like he(or she) is that fly on the wall.

Somehow, the film has to place the viewer in that position; maybe it’s a hidden camera, or perhaps through a two way mirror. Or maybe the viewer has been granted a superpower and is now an invisible man, sharing the room with the girl.

Whatever it is, for the suspension of disbelief, I think it’s important that the film picks one and sticks with it. Staying behind the two way mirror is probably the best bet. This might actually be a rare good use for a VR headset: imagine sitting in tiny, dark closet with only a thin sheet of glass separating you from an unsuspecting girl of Lorenas caliber. It would add the element of claustrophobia to the mix. You’d be scared to breath in fear she might hear you!

Another thing with the suspension of disbelief: I think the model really, really should play it straight. What I mean is, she should act as if no one is watching. Like Cosmos said, Lorena has the best smile on the planet. But when it’s ever-present, you get the feeling she playing it for an audience, which can be counter-productive. The phone could be a good tool for highlighting this: she could be going for a sexy smile while taking a selfie and on to picking her nose right after.

And maybe after receiving the selfie, her boyfriend calls her, which would add a vocal dimension. Perhaps Lorena would describe in detail to her boyfriend what she is doing, whispering of course so no one will hear, or maybe he would be directing the action. In spanish maybe, with subtitles.

Sorry for the rambling comment, it is a thought provoking subject!

Cosmos commented 2 years ago

«Same here; the presence of Lorena was motivation enough for me to sign up. It's nice to see her doing some new work. Hopefully she will continue to be here for a while. Best smile on the planet! :)»